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Mold tests can tell you if you have a mold problem in your space. Specifically, they can find hidden mold, measure your indoor air quality, and identify what specific type of mold is in your space. It is best to get a qualified professional to perform mold testing, who is experienced at collecting and analyzing mold samples. MoldPro is pleased to offer thorough multi-testing processes to help take care of your air quality needs!

What Types of Mold Tests Are There?

Infrared Thermo Scanning

Identifying mold and areas of high moisture is not always easy. Thermo infrared scanning is done to determine if walls, floors, and ceilings show signs of active moisture problems. Infrared thermography helps to locate moisture problems in their early stages, often before they can be seen or found in any other way. It is particularly effective at locating leaks in your plumbing or HVAC system, and in doing so, can spot the prime location for mold. This allows our technicians to quickly identify problem areas and develop a solution to keep things dry.

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How does infrared thermo scanning work?

Infrared thermography, thermal imaging, and thermal video are examples of infrared imaging science. Thermal imaging cameras detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum (roughly 9000–14,000 nanometers or 9–14 µm) and produce images of that radiation, called thermograms. Thermography makes it possible to see one’s environment with or without visible illumination. The amount of radiation emitted by an object increases with temperature; therefore, thermography allows one to see variations in temperature. When viewed through a thermal imaging camera, warm objects stand out well against cooler backgrounds.

Thermography has a long history, although its use has increased dramatically with the residential, commercial, and industrial applications of the past fifty years. MoldPro can see thermal signatures that indicate heat leaks in faulty thermal insulation and can use the results to improve the efficiency of heating and air-conditioning units.

Using professional experts will ensure that you get the best results when determining if mold is an issue. MoldPro is experienced in infrared thermal scanning and can determine whether mold exists, and if so, how to best deal with it. We use only the ultimate hi-tech Extech 15 FLIR Infrared Camera Instrument for superior quality and results.

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Borescopes are used for inspection work where the area to be inspected is inaccessible by other means, including the human eye, or where accessibility may require destructive, time-consuming, and/or expensive dismounting procedures. Borescopes are commonly used in the visual inspection inside walls where the moisture meter indicated a high level of moisture.

A borescope is an optical device consisting of a rigid or flexible tube with an eyepiece on one end, an objective lens on the other linked together by a relay optical system in between. The optical system is usually surrounded by optical fibers used for illumination of the remote object. An internal image of the illuminated object is formed by the objective lens and magnified by the eyepiece which presents it to the viewer’s eye.

If you are concerned that you smell mold but have no idea where it comes from, let MoldPro can help with borescope testing, which can find mold anywhere a human cannot reach.

Moisture Testing

Mold is an insidious enemy, threatening the health of you and your family by lurking where it cannot be seen, and potentially making you very sick. If you have any kind of water damage in your space, there is a very good chance that mold is present. Water damage can include leaks from broken pipes or roof damage, improper seal in sealing around toilets, showers, and faucets, or sealing that has aged and cracked. MoldPro uses moisture testing devices to help determine the presence of mold in your space.

Since Calgary has a seasonally humid climate, once a mold problem has been started, the conditions are right for it to continue growing unseen and unchecked in your home. Inadequate ventilation can also trap moisture and humidity from cooking, showering, and laundry inside of your home, further exacerbating a mold problem. Mold growth occurs most frequently in dark, moist environments. Excess moisture in materials will often lead to higher humidity levels in that area as moisture evaporates into the air. By moisture checking the spaces in your home or office, you can check the RH conditions of each room and identify rooms with a higher humidity level than what is average for the structure. Moisture testing, using moisture meters, can accurately detect moisture pockets that might cause mold growth. By using a moisture meter, you can check the surface of the area to identify areas with too much moisture. Moisture spots are a good indicator of possible mold growth, and as such, give us direction when looking for problem areas where mold might be. If mold is detected, we can begin the removal process to ensure your space is healthy. MoldPro uses only the most updated Extech M0297 moisture meter.

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