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If you suspect mold has formed in your house, office, or any structure, or you are just interested in knowing what is in the air you breathe, contact MoldPro for indoor air quality testing & consultation. Our trained team of experts is equipped to perform in-depth air quality testing services and provide you with results and detailed explanations.

Why is Air Quality Testing important?

Prolonged exposure to such things as bacteria, POCs, pollen and particularly mold, can cause serious health problems. Those health risks rise for people whose immune system is already weakened by, among other things, allergies, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. In fact, several types of molds have been linked to cancer and are therefore designated by Health Canada as ‘Hazardous Air Pollutants.’

Health Canada’s website on mold and healthy living (www.hc-sc.gc.ca) states emphatically that “there are a number of factors that can lead to unhealthy air in your home or workplace, including lack of ventilation, too much humidity, and water infiltration or leakage, among others. Poor indoor air quality can cause a number of health problems such as breathing difficulties and allergies.”

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What is the Process of Air Quality Testing?

At MoldPro, we have found that in most cases, you can spot mold with the naked eye, and usually smell it as well. Mold is likely created by spores, which are everywhere outdoors, and carried into buildings by wind or by foot traffic. MoldPro tests the air inside AND outside. The reason for the outdoor sample is that there are always spores in the air, and the outdoor sample will give us a baseline measurement, which is the normal amount of mold in your area versus the spore count inside your building.

When mold is discovered, we collect samples and send it to our lab. Sample collection is safe and environmentally friendly. Once the samples reach the lab, analysis usually takes no more than two business days.

Your MoldPro report will describe the source of the mold, the level of growth, and recommendations for removal. If you find high levels of contaminant, we will sit down with you and come up with a plan to remove it.

Your Air Quality Testing Will Include:

  • Our experienced team testing your space. We know where to look, and where to test.
  • Expert mold removal by certified specialists.
  • Follow-up testing to make sure there are no traces left.
  • Safety in all aspects of testing and removal.
  • Our company guarantees satisfaction.
Our goal at MoldPro is always to earn the client’s trust, and ensure their space is healthy and safe.

Do not compromise your family’s health or safety.
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