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Mold Assessment

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If you are not sure whether your home has mold from that flood in your basement, or the leaking pipe you did not notice for a few weeks, the best thing to do is get professional mold assessments. MoldPro uses only the best mold inspection techniques available, as well as remediation equipment designed especially for eliminating mold completely to prevent the problem from reoccurring in your home. We are committed to offering instant mold assessment, removal, and reclamation to deal with any situation. You should always pay attention to the signs to help you determine if mold has infested your home.

  • Strange odours
  • Health symptoms
  • Visible Mold/water stains
  • Rusted/warped material.
  • Toxic symptoms

MoldPro suggests getting professional mold assessments, and not rely on your own observations or conclusions. A professional mold inspection is when a specialist looks for mold growth in a building. The professional inspector will check for evidence of past or current mold growth. Past mold growth could indicate a water problem that could be recurring. The inspector will check various areas within your home, including inside the walls. Mold inside of walls may indicate structural issues such as wood decay. If you have any questions at all about whether mold might be present in your space, a professional mold inspection can give you peace of mind.

Types of Mold

Professionals are not certain exactly how many types of mold exist but estimates range from tens of thousands to over a few hundred thousand. Some types of mold are not dangerous to human health, while others lead to chronic and severe health conditions. The most common types of mold you might find in your space include:

Just about any type of moisture in your home can help mold thrive. Perfect conditions for mold to grow include:


Typically grows in humidifiers, cooling coils, drain pans & window sealants. Its appearance evolves and changes over time.


The most common form of allergenic mold in the world. Typically grows wherever dampness occurs (showers, bathtubs & below leaking sinks).


Commonly found in households. There are over 185 species, appearing in many different colours.


An allergic mold. Can sometimes be found growing behind wallpaper or on painted or wooden surfaces


Commonly found in water-damaged homes and buildings. It has a cotton-like texture and usually changes colours over time.


Can grow in both warm and cold conditions. Often found thriving in indoor materials such as fabrics, upholsteries, and carpets.


Capable of growing and spreading in cold temperatures. An allergenic and toxigenic type of mold that grows in homes with water damage


Allergenic form of mold that usually grows in thick patches, near air conditions, HVAC systems and ducting due to moisture from condensation.


Allergenic form of mold easily recognizable by its blue or green coloured surface with a velvety texture. Often found in water damaged buildings


Also known as “black mold.” Toxigenic type of mold that can cause allergic reactions. Thrives in damp, wet areas with high humidity levels.


Allergenic mold type generally white in colour with green patches. Commonly grows in the home on wet surfaces and moist areas.


Thrives in wetness and water and is usually black in colour. Can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and around windows with high condensation

Instant Mold Inspections

If moisture has recently entered your home from a flood or leaking pipe, mold could be growing. MoldPro is pleased to offer instant most inspections, using The Benefect Microbial Test.

The Benefect Microbial Test gives quick and accurate results in detecting the presence of dangerous toxic mold spores and allergen contaminants on surfaces simply by swabbing a surface, releasing the testing agent onto the swabbed material, and if the residue is present the swab will turn purple. The colour change provides a semi-quantitative measure of the surface cleanliness – the more contamination present, the quicker the colour changes to purple and the darker the colour. The Benefect Microbial Test quickly validates the hygiene of a surface, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken if necessary.

MoldPro uses the Benefect Microbial Test for initial screening to find indoor mold growth and problem areas on common surfaces like bathrooms, bedrooms, common living areas, or offices, as well as for post-remediation to give homeowners peace of mind that the remediation was done properly and successfully.

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Mold Removal | MoldPro | Alberta Asbestos and Mold Removal Specialists

Mold Removal

Mold is a resilient substance and can breed in many environments. If there is moisture, mold can thrive. Without proper drying after a flood or leak, or without proper maintenance of the moisture levels throughout, mold can flourish and spread throughout your space. Once developed, mold can feed on drywall, clothing, carpeting, and wood. Without professional intervention, the mold can be disturbed and become airborne, causing potential harm to your home and your family.

Once our professional experts have confirmed the presence of mold in your home, the next step is to begin the removal process. Mold removal involves sealing off areas that have been infected, and then treating them thoroughly. MoldPro will take on the toxic mold contaminations to ensure your home is safe again. We will find and stop the water source, and then remove the mold growth, before shifting our attention to mold odour removal. The largest patches of mold will be removed physically by workers wearing the proper safety gear, including gloves, masks, and respirators. Next, a diluted solution of bleach will be wiped onto every accessible area near the affected site. Lastly, MoldPro will recommend the use of a cold fogger with a microbial corral agent to eliminate the last of any mold spores lurking in those inaccessible and unseen places.

Mold Remediation

Every mold situation is unique and depends on the amount of mold present and the various material affected. While each scenario is different, the general process remains the same. A typical mold remediation includes the following:

  • Emergency contact
  • Mold Inspection and Damage Assessment
  • Mold Containment (includes sealing off affected areas) and Ventilation.
  • Air Filtration
  • Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Material
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of Contents and Belongings
  • Fix the Mold Source
  • Restoration
Mold Removal | MoldPro | Alberta Asbestos and Mold Removal Specialists

Let MoldPro reclaim your space to healthy levels.

MoldPro’s remediation process focuses on removing all traces of dangerous mold, and returning mold levels to normal, natural levels, to ensure that your space is safe.

Our goal at MoldPro is always to earn the client’s trust, and ensure their space is healthy and safe.

Do not compromise your family’s health or safety.
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