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By itself, Vermiculite is not dangerous. However, because it was used in several products, including insulation, which was cross-contaminated with asbestos, you should assume that Vermiculite insulation in buildings that are more than 20 years old contains asbestos. If you suspect you have a problem, MoldPro is here to help with asbestos testing and vermiculite removal.

What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that expands up to 30x its original size when heated, creating pockets of air in the process. This expanded form, and the fact that vermiculite is lightweight and does not burn, makes it popular for use as insulation. In appearance, it looks a bit like popcorn and is a brown-grey or yellow-gold colour.

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Is Vermiculite Dangerous?

On its own, vermiculite has not been shown to be a health problem. However, most vermiculite insulation contains asbestos, which can cause problems if inhaled. You should assume that vermiculite insulation contains asbestos, and you should not disturb it! While undisturbed vermiculite does not present an immediate concern, many insurers will charge extra if your home contains it, and some might not even insure you at all. Also, if you are planning on selling your house, home inspectors will note it, lowering the value of your home.

If you have Vermiculite insulation, MoldPro recommends that you:

  • Leave vermiculite insulation undisturbed.
  • Do not store boxes or other items in your attic or storage rooms if it contains vermiculite insulation.
  • Do not allow children to play in the attic or around vermiculite insulation.
  • Do not attempt to remove the insulation yourself.
  • Call MoldPro to handle the removal process!

What is Involved in the Vermiculite Removal Process?

MoldPro will arrive at your property and do a thorough analysis of your home, collecting air and material samples to determine whether there is an asbestos problem. Once we have the findings, and it is determined that there is the existence of vermiculite, we can come up with a guideline for the remediation process and/or the appropriate steps to remove it safely (sometimes it is preferable to leave the asbestos fibers intact by just sealing it off). If removal is the plan, our certified team will make sure to completely remove all the contaminated vermiculite safely and efficiently, following proper safety procedures, to ensure nothing is left behind and your building is safe and vermiculite-free. We will also make sure to take care of all vermiculite disposal and ensure it is being disposed of or recycled in the proper way.

Removing vermiculite is important to the overall health and safety of those exposed to it. Let MoldPro help you create a safe and healthy space for you and your family and/or coworkers.

Vermiculite Removal | MoldPro | Alberta Asbestos and Mold Removal Specialists
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