GROW-OPS Remediation

MOLDPRO Inc. can and will make former grow-ops homes healthy again

Alberta Mold Pro Grow Ops Remediation

What you should know is that homes that were once marijuana grow-ops pose significant health risks to those living in them if they are not properly remediated. Former grow-ops are full of chemicals and mold. This mold which is caused by the humidity in grow-ops can be severe in many cases. Exposure to mold can increase: Eye, nose and throat irritation / coughing and phlegm build-up / wheezing and shortness of breath / allergic Reactions


Other long term health problems

Additionally, the mold can cause structural damages to the construction of the home.
What Alberta residents are finding is that there are many former grow-ops that have been busted that are simply left abandoned and un-remediated. A recent article says that there are dozens of former grow-ops that are left in this condition, some of which remain in this condition for sometimes upward of two years.
The City of Calgary has now created a Safety Response Team to deal with this growing concern. Recently the team has mailed out information packages to former grow-op home owners encouraging them to have the homes remediated. If they do not comply they could face Safety Codes Act and Municipal Government Act orders. If the property is structurally unsound or proving a real problem in the community, it could even be demolished.”

When you are looking to purchase a new home, chances are you don’t think about the possibility that it was previously a marijuana grow operation. However, buyer’s guide for the Calgary market warns homebuyers that there are between 25 and 30 former grow-op homes on the market at any given time.
With an estimated 3000 grow-ops active in the city at all times, and 120-140 being raided each year, there is no doubt that the number of former grow-ops entering the market will increase. This means that as a homebuyer you need to be aware of the condition of your home before you purchase it.

Buying a home that was formerly a grow-op puts you at risk of mold exposure and structural damage to the home. However, it doesn’t instantly mean trouble. It is possible to have the problems associated with the mold and moisture remedied, that is IF you are aware of these problems. To ensure the health and safety of your family, and to protect your home investment, make sure you have a home inspection done.