Are you safe with Asbestos used in your building products?

Back before its use was banned by the EPA – asbestos – in all its varieties – was one of the most widely used building materials around. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find any insulated building or structure built in the 20th century before 1990 that did contain a significant amount of asbestos insulation.

The Problem

The toxicity of asbestos is a well established fact that dates back to the Roman Empire. For this single reason, it is essential that asbestos abatement and removal be taken very seriously and be performed in a proper manner. In almost every instance, it requires professional grade equipment, expertise and experience. There are two safe ways of dealing with any asbestos you find in your building:


The primary safety issue with asbestos is that it deteriorates over time. Since all asbestos in a building will be at least 20 years old, it poses a serious risk of creating dangerous clouds of microfibers if disturbed even a little bit. Professionals use bio hazard suits with respirators to protect their technicians plastic sheathing to seal off the work area and protect the occupants as well as specialized, whole-room vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters to remove and isolate the airborne particles.


Since asbestos was blown-in, applied or otherwise installed in a variety of ways, it is not always possible to completely remove the material without removing the entire structure. In these cases, the building or the particular space that contains the asbestos may be sealed in or “encapsulated.” While this solves the problem, it does have the complication of making a portion or all of the building unusable.

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