Proper ventilation to prevent mold in your basements or crawl spaces

Mold loves to grow in cool, dark places, making your basement and crawl spaces ideal breeding grounds. Unfortunately, unchecked mold growth can have a devastating impact on your family’s health. The best way to combat mold is through ventilation.

Proper ventilation comes down to allowing air to flow in the places where mold is most likely to grow. By being proactive you can reduce your risks:

  • Open a window: Too often basements and crawl spaces become enclosed systems, and when moisture gets in, it can’t get out. Once a week or so open the windows in your basement or the door that connects the basement to the rest of the home so fresh air can circulate through the room and reduce the level of moisture in the air.
  • Check for blockages: Washing machines, dryers and stoves are prime culprits for generating moisture in your home. These appliances should vent to the outside in some way, but during the fall and winter months leaves and other debris can block the vents and prevent the flow of air. When you clean your gutters check the vents around the roof of the home for any potential blockages, and if you think there may be a problem, call a professional for assistance.
  • Install a humidity monitor: Moisture will always be in the air, but you need to know when the levels are higher than anticipated. A humidity monitor in the troublesome areas of the basement or crawlspaces will alert you when humidity levels are out of range and remind you to start an aggressive plan of ventilation with fans and windows.

Mold and home air quality are mortal enemies, and the best way to protect your family is to prevent mold before it becomes a health issue. At Mold Pro Inc. we specialize in mold inspections and removal. Contact us at the first sign of mold in your home so we can eliminate the problem and keep the mold from spreading.

Homeowners who fail to ventilate their homes properly will have mold and home air quality problems. A mold specialist can help alleviate problems.

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