Proper removal of asbestos in your old steam heating systems

If you live in an older home here in the Calgary area, you’re likely to find hazardous asbestos in many of the building materials that make up your house. Your home may be in need of asbestos removal, abatement and inspection. Any home built before 1985 could be at risk, according to the advice on Asbestos Hazards when Renovating Older Homes issued by WorkSafeAB. It’s crucial to rid your home of dangerous asbestos because of the devastating health consequences of breathing in the tiny airborne fibers. As you may have heard, asbestos has been shown to cause fatal illnesses, including cancer and lung disease.

The Safe Way to Locate Asbestos in Your Steam Heating System 

One of the most common household areas where asbestos is found is in heating pipe insulation, radiators and boilers. Asbestos may be found in the form of a thick, plaster-like coating layered on steam heating boilers. Since the material becomes dangerous if disturbed, it’s not advisable to investigate any suspected asbestos on your own. Don’t put yourself at risk, simply call in a trained professional for asbestos removal, abatement and inspection.

Professional Methods for Removing Asbestos          

A qualified asbestos removal expert can inspect your heating system for asbestos. If asbestos is present, there are two professional repair options to remove or render safe your asbestos-covered heating equipment:

    • The sealing (wet) method, also called encapsulation, uses a special sealant to coat and contain the asbestos material. The sealant binds asbestos fibers together so that they cannot be released into the home’s air supply.
    • The enclosure (dry) method uses a protective wrapping to safely contain the asbestos on insulated pipes. Alternatively, a seldom-used, asbestos-riddled area can be walled off using drywall.

Qualified and experienced asbestos experts always use specialized equipment to safely contain and dispose of any asbestos released during asbestos repair.

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