According to Health Canada there is increasing concern about the health effects of indoor mold growth because of a probable link to a wide range of symptoms and illnesses.

According to Alberta Mold Pro City of Calgary Logothe for Mold and Asbestos remediation:

“Look for a contractor who is properly trained and experienced in Mold and Asbestos removal and remediation”.

To be the leading mold and asbestos removal company in Alberta takes dedication and commitment.

Our initial step in accurately evaluating a potential mold problem is the visual inspection. Throughout this phase we are looking for three things, evidence of previous moisture intrusions, evidence of mold growth and areas with a potential for future mold infestation. We’ll examine the exterior first for evidence of water damage / intrusion and potential for future problem areas.

A room by room assessment is then performed on the interior living space, basement and attic. In the interior assessment we are looking for mold growth and or signs of water penetration that may lead to future mold growth.

The result of these visual inspections will determine the extent of the testing that we perform.

During the inspection MoldPro will be using the most updated Extech M0297 moisture meter and the ultimate hi-tech Extech I5 FLIR Infrared Camera instrument. (See our service section under “Infrared Thermo Scanning and Borescoping”)

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