Mold Removal due to improper drainage of walk-in coolers and freezers

The walk-in cooler and freezer is an integral part of any restaurant’s operation. As such, it must always work properly and be kept scrupulously clean. Unfortunately, the failure of any portion of the drainage system can wreak havoc with this necessity by allowing water to build-up and mold to grow.

Removing mold can be problematic as it is quite hardy and a master of infiltrating some very hard to reach places in the equipment. Here’s a rundown on what you or a professional mold remediation company must do in order to solve the problem.

Remediation – The largest patches of mold should be removed physically by workers wearing the proper safety gear such as gloves, masks and respirators. Next a dilute solution of bleach should be wiped onto every accessible area near the affected site. Lastly, most pro mold remediators recommend the use of a cold fogger with a microbial control agent to eliminate the last of any mold spores lurking in those inaccessible and unseen spaces.

Repair – The blockage or other damage to the system must be immediately repaired or the mold problem will rapidly reoccur as mold spores are ubiquitous in the air and always looking for a suitable place to reproduce. Problems to look for include blocked drains, crimped or cut hoses and malfunctioning pumps.

Preventive Maintenance – Even the most thorough cleaning cannot stop mold spores from reentering the equipment and gaining a foothold again. For this reason, it is essential to establish a regular inspection schedule to check for mold and other drainage issues. In the long run, a twice yearly check up will cost less than having to completely clean the system.

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