Get rid of mold and musty odors with fogging

Often, the first sign that you have a mold problem in your home or business is a musty smell whose source cannot be exactly pinpointed. Sometimes the mold takes up residence in the ventilation ducts; other times, it is in the actual HVAC equipment in spaces that are not readily accessible. In any event, getting rid of mold and musty odors can be problematic unless you bring in a professional with the right tools, expertise and experience.

The Conundrum – Molds are

Mold is not a single creature – there are literally thousands of different species – but every one of them is remarkable in its invasive capacities and tenacious in its ability to resist extermination. Once established, mold grows quickly and insert themselves into every available space. In short, physical cleaning – even with bleach – is simply not enough as the techs never really see the true extent of the problem.

The Answer – Cold Fogging

Professional mold remediation companies rely on something a little more high tech to ensure that a mold problem is completely eradicated – cold fogging with an antimicrobial agent. This process entails the use of equipment and chemicals not typically available to the average homeowner. Specifically, chemical agents such as the commercially available Concrobium – a non-volatile organic compound – are aerosolized with proprietary equipment and introduced into the affected space. The fogging mist is thus able to access the very same areas that the mold has infiltrated.

Cold fogging is easily the most effective way to deal with mold. If properly applied, it reaches every area of the affected space making eliminating the need for further treatments if adequate preventive measures are taken. For more specific information on cold fogging in particular or on other mold remediation techniques in general, please contact us at Mold Pro Inc. You will always find us online at or you can phone us directly at 403-371-7836.

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