Frost pulled through outside walls can cause mold

Indoor moisture and mold can cause problems in any home and it’s important to identify potential for future mold problems and causes of mold before they develop.

Frost can Cause Mold in the Home

One major cause of mold in the home throughout winter is frost being pulled through outside walls. In winter the combination of high moisture levels and humidity within your home often results in condensation on windows and the colder walls of the home, such as exterior walls. Condensation even forms on concrete flooring and under carpets. Very often mold growth is a result of this moisture in the home.  

Reasons for Professional Mold Inspections for your Calgary Home

Exposure to mold in the home is unhealthy for everybody in the family, particularly vulnerable individuals such as the elderly or young children. Identifying areas around the home that are potential causes of mold is just one of the professional mold inspection services offered by MoldPro Inc. Although you may not have developed mold problems in your home, arranging a mold inspection prior to the onset of severe frosts and icy weather will give you peace of mind. Your visit will include a visual inspection of the exterior of the home to assess likelihood of water intrusion or damage alongside a thorough inspection of all rooms in the home, including the basement and attic. Your professional mold inspection will highlight any existing mold growth and any current water penetration that could lead to the growth of mold.

Health Canada has already expressed concerns about links between a variety of common illnesses and the growth of indoor mold. If you feel your home in the Calgary neighborhood may potentially develop mold problems, contact MoldPro Inc to discuss your queries about condensation and any associated hazards. Our helpful team will be happy to offer you further advice and arrange an inspection visit from our experienced professionals, if it’s considered necessary.

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